Spanish Legal Reclaim

Spanish Legal Reclaims is a law firm specialising in legal reclaims from the Spanish tax authorities and financial institutions.

Founded in 2011, its legal team are experts in Spanish and European law, and act on behalf of thousands of clients from across the EU. It offers its services on a “no win, no fee” basis to nonresidents of Spain who lost a deposit paid to secure an “off-plan” Spanish property. The legal precedent underpinning such cases is new, but the firm is proud to have a 100% success rate when representing clients in similar actions.

PLC was appointed to execute campaigns in press and on radio to publicise both the reclaim of wrongly paid off-plan deposits and to reclaim inheritance taxes. All campaigns have been very successful with response rates very high from targeted audiences of British and Germans and very effective business growth for the company after every campaign.

“Without advertising, we get no calls” – a comment from the company.

Radio ad