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PLC’s adventure began in Spain back in 1992. Since this time, the team and organisation has evolved and adapted to respond to the demands of the market and the needs of our clients. However, despite changing with the times, our forte has always remained the same – we’re a specialist marketing that targets the international market in Spain. At PLC we are proud of our specialism and of our history, and we are proud to be the ONLY agency to successfully reach this market for large household names time and again.



An Expert Expat Marketing Agency

If your organisation wants growth, why not consider taking the next step by reaching the very lucrative expatriate market in Spain? At PLC we work with companies across the country and help them to find touchpoints for their advertising and marketing that will target – and attract – the niche expat markets in Spain and Portugal. Picture this – millions of potential clients from the UK and other European countries that understand and respond to your marketing.


An Expert Media Planning & Buying Agency​

One of our greatest strengths is our ability to plan and buy expat media. Over the years we have built strong relationships with the large and small off and online media outlets in Spain and Portugal (inc. English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Dutch, French, Finnish, Russian, etc.), and as a result, we buy media at exceptionally competitive and discounted prices. Offering the full media mix, we work with clients and tailor media plans to their requirements & budgets.


An Expert Transcreation Team

At PLC we don’t translate – we TRANSCREATE. We adapt messages from one language to another without losing meaning and we ensure we appeal to the personality and culture of the target market in question. Our fantastic team of traditional translators work alongside our transcreators to ensure campaigns speak to the public in the ‘language’ that they understand. Our messaging is clear, our copy is expertly crafted and our approach is natural. We never just translate – we always TRANSCREATE!


An Expert Creative Agency

A great media plan without great creativity is futile. However, at PLC we boast a specialist in-house multicultural creative team that take campaigns from concept right through to design completion, with copywriting that conveys the right tone – in the right language – and artwork that ‘speaks’ to its target audience. We create cohesive campaigns that get results across press, TV, radio, online… and everything in between. At PLC we create strategic advertising campaigns that WORK!

An Expert Content Creation Team

At PLC we develop, implement and execute strategic marketing content, including branded content. At the same time as developing media plans, we create press releases, editorials, advertorials, interviews and content reports in various different languages, and transform the information that our clients share with us into content that appeals to their chosen market. Often, and for no additional cost, we gain extra publicity for our clients in press and on social media channels, news sites and radio, etc.

An Expert Digital Marketing Service

At PLC we know that traditional marketing works hand-in-hand with digital marketing – and with the thriving technological world, expert digital strategies must be employed alongside traditional methods to achieve top results across the board. For this reason, we work to ensure your organisation’s SEM, retargeted marketing, SEO, PPC, and even podcasts are working as they should. From driving traffic to websites, to improved rankings on Google, Push notifications, App development and more, we work to ensure your brand works just as hard online as it does offline!



PLC has grown over the past three decades and today works with large household names to reach their target audiences using innovative ideas, expert campaigns and strategic marketing. Our journey over the last 30 years has seen us work with both national and international clients – sometimes on specific adhoc campaigns, other times as long-term partners who have come to trust us with all their marketing needs. Regardless of their longevity, both client-types value our unparalleled expertise and proactive approach at bespoke, targeted marketing.


Over the years we have built up a ‘know-how’ that is second to none, allowing us to take full advantage of our media relationships to get the very best advertising rates for our clients.

Our extensive expertise means we implement the right message, at the right time, using the right channels and the right media outlets to hit our clients’ market with precision. At PLC we know the expat market; we know what works in Spain (including the Balearics and Canary Islands) and Portugal… because in effect, we ARE that market.

On-the-Ground Efficiency

It’s not just about knowledge and experience, but also about being ‘on the ground’ and working effectively and efficiently. At PLC we don’t just look to meet expectations, but to surpass them.

PLC might not be the biggest agency in terms of size, but we certainly have the very BEST professionals. We’re a boutique agency that works with select clients that only want THE BEST from the very best expat agency. Our strong work ethic means we take the time to understand our clients (and their needs), delivering a personalised, bespoke and on-going service that responds to their requirements. We are an agency that values those that place their trust in us. We keep our promises, we refrain from over promising and we do everything possible to get results.

Multi-Cultured Professionals

The people on our team come from all over the world meaning we can adapt and transform campaigns with messaging, tone of voice and structure that is culturally appropriate to each specific audience.

PLC is made up of marketing and communications professionals from a number of different countries. This, amongst other reasons ensures that we can craft strategic campaigns that reach particular segments of the expat market in Spain. Our multicultural team adapts and transform campaigns with copy that is right for that culture and which will be best-placed to attract specific audience-types. Without a doubt, there’s no better way to ‘know a market’ than to actually be part of it.

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Years of Experience

And over three decades of expertise



Across the PLC journey to date


Press Pieces

And nearly 10,000 press adverts


Media Plans

With 100s successfully executed

Who is PLC


Each and every one of our team is motivated by a desire to exceed expectations. It’s for this reason that we place COMMUNICATION with our clients above all else. To obtain the very best results, there must be clear, honest and fluid communication between the agency and the client. At PLC we understand the need for our team to be flexible to requirements and changing demands, and we strive to ALWAYS be as adaptable as possible.

From the outside, we might just look like another marketing team, but scratch the surface and you’ll find we are so much more than that. We are PLC, we are different – come and work with us and you’ll see for yourself!

Philip Langley

Founder & Creator

Suzi Boyden-Beckley


Vanessa Álvarez

Account Director

Julia Chacón

Administration & Supplier management

Nieves Bueno

Senior Account Manager

Chris Collier

designer & Copywriter

Alice van der Made



We’ve been around for a very long time… so sharing all of our campaigns from over the years might actually break the internet. In the same manner, it would be impossible to highlight what’s gone on behind the scenes with regard to concept, strategies… and everything in between. So instead, we’ll simply showcase a small selection to give you a little flavour.

Over the years we have not just created and executed media campaigns in dozens of languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finish, Dutch, Russian… and even Chinese), but we have put together hundreds of strategic media plans (with heavily discounted rates) that have resulted in incredible outcomes for our clients. We have created (translated and trancreated) a huge range of content for print advertising, publicity promos, radio broadcasts, outdoor advertising (for billboards, on public transport, in airports and at tourist attractions, etc) and we have delivered photo shoots, pop-up street marketing, events and even trade fairs. You name it; we’ve just about done it!



PLC’s 30-year journey has seen us work with companies far and wide – from small local business to national companies and international brands. Some hopped on the journey for support with specific adhoc campaigns; others have journeyed with us for decades… and others have only recently taken the step to launch themselves into the expat market with PLC by their side.

But no matter which client-type we are working with, our mission has always been clear – to champion the process of “creating ideas, creating business” with a particular focus on tapping into the international market in Spain.
Whilst many of our Spanish clients work with a marketing, advertising or creative agency to target their share of the Spanish market, when it comes to reaching the expatriate market in Spain, they look to us. Because what we do cannot be compared to other national agencies. At PLC we work with our clients to reach a very specific – and very lucrative – market that cannot be attracted through a simple advert translation.
It’s not enough just to be able to speak or write in another language. To attract an international market, you need to speak their language, understand their culture and convey a tone that really appeals to THEM. And, that’s what we do at PLC!
If you’ve read this far, it’s likely your organisation is considering targeting expats in Spain. Perhaps you’ve already embarked on a campaign; and whilst you might be confident that the language in your messaging is correct, how can you be sure you’ve injected enough culture, personality and feeling to satisfy and capture your audience? Remember, each culture has its own style, its own ‘pinch point’, quirks and personality. Just like PLC, every culture is different!
At PLC we’re not just about creating marketing campaigns in different languages. We’re a hive of creative thinkers that get into the minds and tug at the emotions of expat residents in Spain. And we’re not just that.
In the same way as we work with Spanish nationals and multinationals, we also work with other nationalities, particularly British companies who want to enter the Spanish market too.
Whichever way you look at it, PLC speaks the right language at the right time, giving our clients complete peace of mind that their brand campaign is culturally conveyed just as it should be.

What our clients say about us

“PLC is the best creative and media partner agency we have had to communicate to our diverse international client base. Experience, knowledge, closeness, full dedication and immediacy. We highly recommend them if you are serious about your business success than PLC”
Reyes Corrales Gomez
Manager Marketing Estratégico y Comunicación Digital en Liberty Seguros España
“PLC Spain are a true business partner, taking the time to get to know our business & customers, always delivering an honest & timely response”
Julie Fisher
Marketing Strategist – Ireland & Spain at Specsavers
“I have worked with PLC Spain for only a few months now but have been impressed by their professionalism, proactiveness and knowledge of the market. We have seen results in our key focus areas and it is a real pleasure working with the team at PLC”
Esther Clark
Executive Director of Marketing at Wey Education
“Their dynamic and well-informed approach to matters, makes them successfully target the audiences that their clients need, and nothing is too much trouble for these professionals. Their excellent marketing and public relations are second to none. Here at the Costa Blanca News and the Costa Blanca Nachrichten we would strongly recommend PLC to deliver the campaign you need.”
Hans H. Schneegluth
Responsable para Agencias de Publicidad Rotativos del Mediterráneo, S.L.
“PLC Spain is much more than a communication, design and advertising agency. It is a factory of talent where very different people work together with a single objective: to achieve the success of their clients through their ideas and work”
Jesús Castro
sales manAger at grupo serra

Where to find us

Whilst most of our clients are located in Madrid and Barcelona, PLC is based in the south of Spain in the heart of the expat population. In fact, we’re ‘on-the-ground’ right where we need to be, situated in the hub of the international action in Spain. This way, we can keep our ear-to-the-ground and stay ‘in-the-know’ with regards to demand, changes and trends in the expat market. After all, this is where our clients need us to be – plus, it gives them a great excuse to visit the Costa.

If you want come along and meet the team, just let us know. Alternatively, just give us a call because we’re equally happy to travel to you.


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