PLC Spain is a 360º creative marketing agency in Spain that specialises in targeting the expatriate market. It provides full service marketing, advertising and communications activities to both national and international businesses, particularly those that are striving to reach international customers in Spain and Portugal. It boasts an expert team of marketing professionals of different nationalities that reside in Spain and further afield, including UK, France, Germany, Scandinavia and The Netherlands.

With this in mind, the team is fully remote and the organisation is proud to be one of the very first agencies in Spain to be 100% digital, with a transversal business model and a cross-functional workforce.

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We’ve been around for a very long time… so sharing all of our campaigns from over the years might actually break the internet. In the same manner, it would be impossible to highlight what’s gone on behind the scenes with regard to concept, strategies… and everything in between. So instead, we’ll simply showcase a small selection to give you a little flavour.

Over the years we have not just created and executed media campaigns in dozens of languages (English, French, German, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Finish, Dutch, Russian… and even Chinese), but we have put together hundreds of strategic media plans (with heavily discounted rates) that have resulted in incredible outcomes for our clients. We have created (translated and trancreated) a huge range of content for print advertising, publicity promos, radio broadcasts, outdoor advertising (for billboards, on public transport, in airports and at tourist attractions, etc) and we have delivered photo shoots, pop-up street marketing, events and even trade fairs. You name it; we’ve just about done it!

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